Curse of the Islamic State of Saddam Hussein

Middle East problem is not far away? Middle East problem can be seen curse refreshing of the Islamic State of Saddam Hussein Israel Palestinian conflict Before the Islamic countries it is noted that the sacrifice of a large number of civilians due to combat Islamic organization Hamas and Israeli forces, had been seen as a problem in the international community. Currently, the cease-fire agreement, have begun Gaza reconstruction. But, you can not seem to end the Israeli Palestinian conflict to repeat the cease-fire and combat. Israel Jewish boy who is end of the month, was found dead. A few days later, this time the Palestinian boy was killed kidnapped. Israeli army this opportunity is bombing the Gaza Strip of the Palestinian territories. Retaliation battle between Israel and Hamas began. By 0 days it lasted battle, more than 1,000 Palestinians, including civilians were killed. In addition, in October after the cease-fire agreement, in East Jerusalem of the Autonomous Region, that the Israeli side is new settlers discovered.
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