What is happening now in Palestine, the world of microcosm

Middle East problem is not far away? [What is happening now in Palestine is the world of the microcosm] "human rights guy" and the status quo that had seen Palestine, which continues to be placed under the military occupation of Israel. Despite the supposed autonomy has been recognized, illegal suppression situation caused by the Israeli army continues, people's lives have become increasingly severe. Against this backdrop, in order to support the Palestinian people in the co-op Pal system, we have been dealing with olive oil. However, officials of the shipping organization of the olive oil, has also occurred situation that is suddenly arrested detained by the Israeli army to 0 years. Local Whether what kind of situation from. Has the experience was appointed to Palestine as a United Nations staff member, I was asked to experts Takahashi human rights issue that is referred to as a "human rights guy" himself Palestine now also in the [occupied] - Mr. Takahashi, from the 00 years to 2.0 years, had been appointed to the Palestinian office of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.
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