Jordan of the rights of persons with disabilities

Middle East problem is not far away? [Normalization disability welfare] In order to realize the rights of Jordan of persons with disabilities Middle East countries Jordan Do you know the country of Jordan. Jordan is located in the Middle East. And say Middle East current [revolution], the so-called [Arab Spring] and every day notice and ranked the news in Japan as, some people may have come to know. Jordan, the Palestine Israel to the west is the stage of the New Testament is the Old Testament and Christian scriptures is the scriptures of Judaism, is the stage of the Koran is the Islamic holy book Saudi Arabia, the big damage in the 00-year war in east Iraq that have undergone, and, under the influence of the current most [Arab Spring], are located a Syria that is a concern that the civil war in the north. Therefore [the place was born of religion], and it may be a strong image of [dangerous Middle East] that religion is happening Tata war in the cause. However, the current state of Jordan, from the dangerous Middle East of the image, such as the neighboring countries far, is a country that has kept even less peaceful state crime.
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