Social advancement of the Middle East women

Middle East problem is not far away? Challenges to the social advancement of the Middle East women - from field work Lecturer: Hisae Nakanishi member [In general, Ime that the social advancement of women in the Middle East, do not much advanced compared to other regions There is an over-di. In fact, the human development index is compared with the other regions, the most low Sabusaha La Africa, then a South Asian, Arab countries has become a second from the bottom. On the other hand, the Middle East women For, whether such as customs and duty of the veil worn by not has become the wall of social advancement There is a stereotype to say. However, political, economic, social, cultural significance with Vert Are diverse, Middle East women Do not say just to be a inward for social advancement because of the veil There. In the Middle East of women legal, political, economic, social status, Arab and non-Arab (Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, the difference of Pakistan, etc.), or oil-producing countries or non-oil-producing countries, such as whether tribal social habits remain far, various Depends on such factors, it can not be generalized.
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